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WE BUILD A LARGE ARRAY OF VAPING COILS Hand Builds Custom Coils For Your Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers

Coil Kingz crafts hand made custom coils for almost any RDA (rebuildable dripping atomizers) or RTA's (rebuildable tank atomizer) on the market. We can make your custom coil in a large array of different types of coils specific to your preference whether you want them customized for cloud production, flavor production or a combination of both. Every coil has its specific attributes and how it reacts to what its made of. When choosing your coil you have a few other choices that you may specify so we can make a product of your approval.

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All of our coils are handmade in the UK from the finest and purest US grade Ni80 and Kanthal A-1 wire; Twisted Messes and Kidney Puncher. By using this advanced competition wire, our coils have much faster ramp up times, fantastic longevity and unbeatable flavour.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We use the finest Nichrome 80 (NI80), Stainless Steel (SS316L), and Kanthal A-1 (KA-1) wire from leaders in the purest vaping wire, Twisted Messes and Kidney Puncher. This ensures our customers have the finest experience possible when using our handmade coils.

We only sell 100% authentic products on our website. We firmly believe in not only being 100% truthful to our customers, but also in supporting the original creators of the product and appreciate their time and effort in creating the products we love. We promise to never sell you a clone product.

We now have a custom coil order form on selected coil product pages that allow you to choose your perfect coil almost like you would a topping for a pizza. We also offer a pre-fire service (under the stipulations outlined below) for those who may be unable to fire their coil due to regulated device restrictions (initially, a coil may fire below a common 0.1 ohm cut off on regulated devices), making it so you can still enjoy exotic handmade coils without the need of a device that fires below 0.1 ohms!

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What Our Customers Say

Best Coils I've ever used, I will only use coils from the Coil Kingz.

Lee G.
5 year Vaper

I've never known coils to last as long as this!!! When you clean them regularly, you'll get 6 months easy.

Kelly B.
6 Year Vaper

The Coil Kingz are truly the kings of coils!!! I will be a returning customer!!!

Alison G.
3 Year Vaper

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